iOS 17.1.1 Scaler 2 crashes in AUM

I just bought Scaler and my first project using the Scaler control AUv3, 2 instances of it. After a while the AUv3 panels went blank and I couldn’t then save the project and lost the work so far.

Please fix the stability issues because otherwise this looks a useful tool :slight_smile:

I seem to have some Scaler 2 analytics on my ipad in the analytics folder, I have developer sharing enabled so you should be able to access that hopefully to help troubleshoot.

Hi @carnarts welcome to the Scaler 2 forum. We’ve done some testing with multiple instances of ScalerControl 2 running in AUM on iPadOS 17.1.2 and haven’t had any issues. All running happily and stably. If you only just purchased and installed Scaler 2, I’d say you’re already using the latest version, but it’s worth double checking that there aren’t any updates. Also think about updating the the latest iPadOS version if possible.

As a first troubleshooting step after making sure everything is up to date, I’d suggest manually closing AUM and other related apps (with swiping gesture) and restarting your iPad, then try again. See how that goes and let us know if you keep having issues.

Hi, thanks for the reply, yes it’s the latest appstore version.
Ok, I’ll update iOS and see how I get on, hopefully it’s not an easily repeatable issue.