Ios restore purchase

I bought scaler last year, and I updated my ipad and now I cant access the features of the app anymore, When I click restore purchase in the app it just hangs and does nothing so I cant use the app until I buy it again and its kind of pricey and I dont want to have to pay for the full app everytime theres an update, if someone can help me figure out how to access the features without having to pay twice please let me know

Hi @ovsoro and welcome to the forum. Can you please quit of all apps and then restart your iPad and open Scaler first? Also make sure you are connected to the internet at that time.
Let me know if that helps.

I have done all that 5-10x I lost all my previous saved sessions because I attempted to re install and reset the program multiple times, myself and likely hundreds of other users can not use the app unless we pay for it again

Sorry you are experiencing these issue but it is not likely ‘hundreds of other users have to pay for it again’ - you are the only one - strongly indicates something to do with your setup.

Could you please check if you have any restriction in the screen time section of the settings:
“Settings” → “Screen Time → “Content & Privacy Restrictions” → iTunes and App store purchases → In app purchases.

Failing that, delete the app and try reinstalling. Or you can contact Apple and request a refund or if you DM me with proof of purchase I can send you a coupon code to purchase again.

I am unable to send a video here, but I did check the screen time restrictions and other things, not too sure what causes this but scaler seems to be the only app with an issue like this, thanks for responding