iPad app unusable and displays ‘in app purchases not allowed’

Hoping to use the iPad app version (i also have the desktop version)

Is there a way to purchase full price on iOS to get rid of this message? Tried deleting and downloading again - iPad Pro 11” M1.


Hi @Jenta Welcome to the forum. Silly question but can you purchase anything else on the App store? Any other In-App Purchases? Is it a family account with restrictions on your end?

Hi and thanks for your reply. I can purchase things as normal both as a outright purchase and in apps normally. No such luck with scaler though. Is there a way to submit a kind of log to debug this? Really want to get it sorted. No family restrictions setup

I’ve made a screen recording Here

Hi @Jenta

could you please check if you have any restriction in the screen time section of the settings:

“Settings” → “Screen Time → “Content & Privacy Restrictions” → iTunes and App store purchases → In app purchases.