Ipad midi capture

On the iPad when capturing midi the capture the file is named with a timestamp with a very long prefix of Scaler-MidiCapture_something followed by date and number.
When it is done recording you have the option of renaming and saving.

Issues- The very long name means you can only see the entire name when the iPad is in landscape mode in full screen mode. Vertical or slide over mode clip mid section.
Suggestion just use Scaler. MidiCpature seems redundant since it’s a .md file.

WHen renaming there should be a X button on right of text field to delete the entire name. Right now holding down delete button.

And while the name change helps the user to find the correct file, when it’s dragged into a track it uses the original long timestamp instead so now looking at the track there’s no relationship to the name.
I assume the timestamp was written to the mid file info.
I’d like to suggest if someone renames the midi file info be updated as well otherwise the user is forced to try to figure out different tracks or go to the process to rename again in LogicPro.

It would be a nice option to autoname the file based on parameters. (i.e Appegio up, etc)

Possible bug- Occasional Scaler 2 doesn’t produce sound. By going back to logic pro and playing any track usually solves this. Possible sound initialization not happening at times

Hi @Scotts we do agree that there is some room for improvement in the way some of the file systems currently work in Scaler. We will be looking to address some of these issues in the future as part of an overall user experience overhaul.

MIDI FX in Logic Pro X aren’t initialized until there has been some kind of action performed on the track they are loaded on. This is due to the way Logic handles their Midi FX not an issue with Scaler. So you can load up Scaler Control as a MIDI effect and no sound will come out if you click on the user interface until you have ran some midi through the track either through pressing notes on your keyboard or triggering playback with some midi information on the track.

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