(Ipad) Scaler 2 Midi Output into Ableton Note


I am using version 2.8.1 of Scaler 2 on the Ipad. I am having difficulty get the midi output from Scaler 2 to be detected into Ableton Note Version 1.0.16

I have setup MIDI output through Scaler 2 Settings under “Network Session 1” and have done so for the input on Ableton Note but I cannot get any MIDI information to record. I additionally attempted to have it so Scaler 2 is on my main screen and then Ableton Note is in Side View but still there is no success.

I am able to receive MIDI information from other applications such as ‘Tonality’ so I don’t believe this is something on the Albeton Note side of things unless the two versions are not compatible. Thank you for any help ahead of time.