Is it possible for scaler 2 to read internal MIDI notes played by other vst?

Hello, if I want to use scaler as a MIDI reader of what notes other vsts are currently playing, is it possible ?

I use FL Studio and created a patcher preset where Scaler 2 recieve midi port 16 data, and my keyboard midi controller is set to port 16, so whenever I physically play a note on my keyboard, scaler shows what note I am playing

But I can’t seems to have the same thing working with internal MIDI played by synth


I don’t know FL Studio, but in Cubase, you’d have to assign Scaler to the VST-i and enable Monitor on the VST-i track. Then when you play a bound note on the Scaler Track the VST-i to which Scaler is assign will also play.

You may have to make some adjustments to the settings on your hardware as well. In Preferences/Settings Scaler may be set to Send/Receive MIDI on only One MIDI Channel, but, conveniently, the user may select which MIDI Channel will be used from the Preferences/Settings menu.