Is It Possible to Have More than 7 Patterns in Pad View?

I noticed that there are a lot of posts about wanting use more than 8 chords per pattern.
(I would also like to see that as an option as well)

However, I was not able to find information about Pad View.
I would like to be able able to use more than 7 Patterns in Pad View.

Is that possible?

Am I missing something?

I wish I could have an infinite amount of Patterns in Pad View.

That’s the size of the real estate we have now. So that’s 56 chords if each one is unique. You could use 2 Scalers but depending on how you work that could be unwieldy.
Maybe sometime down the road.


It had not occurred to me to use multiple instances of Scaler…
that could give me unlimited amounts of Patterns.

Thank you for that!

Until we meet down the road, the multiple instances of Scaler option will work!