Is It Possible to Have More than 7 Patterns in Pad View?

I noticed that there are a lot of posts about wanting use more than 8 chords per pattern.
(I would also like to see that as an option as well)

However, I was not able to find information about Pad View.
I would like to be able able to use more than 7 Patterns in Pad View.

Is that possible?

Am I missing something?

I wish I could have an infinite amount of Patterns in Pad View.

That’s the size of the real estate we have now. So that’s 56 chords if each one is unique. You could use 2 Scalers but depending on how you work that could be unwieldy.
Maybe sometime down the road.


It had not occurred to me to use multiple instances of Scaler…
that could give me unlimited amounts of Patterns.

Thank you for that!

Until we meet down the road, the multiple instances of Scaler option will work!

I had the same issue until I learned about “lasso”. Using that you have more than enough chords for any song.

I am not familiar with “lasso”.

What is “lasso”?

How do you utilize “lasso”?

It’s when you click and hold with the cursor and draw a loop around a series of objects you want to select. In this case loop around the pattern buttons to select all of them. That way you would be able to play any chord button in any order. So if you had all 56 chords any one in any order could be played.
[Addendum] I should have added - if you have Bind on you can play any chord from your keyboard if you have all Patterns lassoed.

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thank you for sharing your explanation.

On an iPad you drag your finger from the left top of the first Pad pattern down to the the right under the end of the last pattern you want and make sure all the binding lights are blinking. This was a game changer for me. Then I select All for binding and move the chords around so an F chord is triggered when I play the F key and so on. That way there is some constancy between songs instead of having to know what chord is first and so on in a song.

I am using Scaler for live performance as well as recording. This didn’t occur to me until reading this thread but what I am going to try is to have several patterns with the same chords but each pattern have a different performance. Then I can just cycle through the performances with key switches.

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I just found out how this works. Thanks for the tip, guys.