Is Scaler 1 resizing issues better with Scaler 2

Had various issues with Scaler1 and UI scaling (e.g. plugin content much larger than plugin window) and as such unusable. Was never fixed. Apparently Scaler2 has similar issues.
I will hold off buying Scaler2, will those things eventually get fixed, or is it not possible at all?

Have you tried the demo of the newest version?

Thanks, did not see the demo in the first place - I did now, and indeed the UI seems fine so far.
However, I managed to crash Cubase within 2 minutes with Scaler2 - not so great.

Which version of Cubase? PC/Mac

Cubase is not that stable.
Never had issues running scaler 1 or 2 using Ableton Live or Cockos Reaper on W10

C10.5.20 (newest) on PC (updated)
Cubase is running rock solid with tons of other plugins (and I mean that).
When did you use Cubase last time, if you are saying it is not that stable? Must be 10 years ago :slight_smile:
Scaler is the only plugin able to constantly crash (btw. Cubase even still runs fine after Scaler crashing)

I’ve changed the thread of this title to something more fitting. Not that I don’t mind a bit of sensationalism but ‘is scaler dead again’ is a little misleading.

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Cubase and Scaler are working very well together for me. As far as re-sizing goes, Scaler is one of the better plug-ins at resizing in Cubase. It’s better than the Stock plug-ins in Cubase, and better than some other 3rd party plug-ins. I’ve had a few crashes, but I think it was mostly my fault.

The more I work with Scaler in Cubase the more I like them both as a creative team, so to speak. Cubase has its tool-set for chords and Scaler works well with it and vice versa.