Is there a User Songs and Performance Option?

I’ve been trying out the many possible Song arrangements in Section A and the equally numerous Performance Options. After a while, I realise that I really like some and others I’ll never use. I’m sure this will be the same for others as tastes vary.

Is there a way to have a Users Option, i.e. you right-click on the Songs or Performances tabs and select User, or even have this as a global option in Preferences? This means that you can talior Scaler to meet the indual taste of users.

Also, is there a way to go Back and Forward? As I’m exploring the options in Section A, I find myself wanting to go back to previous settings and then go forward again to compare.

Mac OS 12.6 Monterey MacBook Pro M1
Logic Pro 10.7.4

Hi @Alfie

You can save chord sets from Section C into the USER folder, so one approach wpould be to find a song you like in Section A, Select All and Add Chords to the Current Pattern. in Section C Then save the pattern(s) to the User folder (see here) for a short tutorial.

Click on the Scaler logo

and there are the first two options in the context menu are:


In Section C there are also undo and redo options

Hi @ed66 and thanks for the prompt and great work you put into the reply!

Using Section C to Save works well and is great if you’re testing an idea and have several patterns. You can then name it accordingly.

The idea I was thinking of regarding the SONGS and PERFORM in Section A was to reduce the list of options.

Another idea would be to be able to Right Click and Hide or Show the options offered and this could be use with serval of the options within Scaler, so adjusting Scaler to meet the individual’s needs.

Another idea; In Preferences>Playback you can set KEYS LOCK, VOICE GROUPING and HUMANIZE to be set to your desired setting and make that the Default setting. What about adding PERFORM in that group and have option to have USER on by default. Create your own USER file as suggested above.

The UNDO and REDO is great in Section C, but not option in Section A. But I did find an option that is just as good and really it is what I was looking for.

Working in Section A
1 Select a Progression in SONGS
2 Right Click the Play Button. This activates Auto Play. The chords in Section A will play continuouly.
3 Select the (dim) Arrows to the Right and Left of displayed Progression to go back and forth through various progressions available.
4 Use the same method to change and try out PERFORM, VOICE GROUPING and HUMANISE.

Auto Play is very usefull!

Mac OS 12.6 Monterey MacBook Pro M1
Logic Pro 10.7.4