Is there a way to route out MIDI separately in this scenario..?

I have one part of the keyboard bound to the Chords I am playing. (1)
And the top part of the keyboard bound to playing the individual “Chord Notes”. (2)
I’d like to route the resulting MIDI out to different channels.
I’d like to route the MIDI produced by (1) to channel 1.
I’d like to route the MIDI produced by (2) to channel 2.

I want to do this because I’d like a different sound for my chords, as opposed to my notes (melody).
Is it possible?


I can do this in Reaper, however, your DAW of choice may be severely limited, and hence, ymmv.

Route the midi out to separate tracks, and then put a limiting midi effect on those tracks only allowing the range of notes that you want to see.

Please, do not ask me how to do this in your DAW, as I too am severely limited; your mileage will most certainly be zero.

thanks, I use Reaper too, and the Midi Choke stock plugin.
The issue is that when I press a key in section 1 (shown in the graphic above), it sends midi out that often crosses over to notes in section 2.

I haven’t done a lot with Scaler as of yet, but I am planning on it and I need to do something like you have planned of sorts.

So, downloading 35 GB of data at cell speeds is giving me some downtime. I will give it a try and see what happens.

You could do this with 2 instances of Scaler. If you wanted to play them at the same time you could MIDI YOKE them together i.e. 1 midi track controls both Scalers and the individual Scalers control separate instruments.

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Hhhhmmmmm, yes, I see.
I would have to choke one Scaler into to just accept region 1 midi note range.
And the second Scaler choked to accept just region 2 midi note range.
I think that would work.

I do this all the time. Have chords on one scaler. Duplicate it or create another instance and sync scaler. Use keys lock, chord notes and in preferences ‘mute chords’
That way the (silent) chords are triggering the chord notes on the right.


This is good Davide. I got it working,… kindof… Here’s the problem though.

a) Zone 1 - the zone where the chords are - changes its start and end points depending on how many chords are in the preset. I think Zone 2 can change its position too.

b) The setup works fine with my synth as a VST, but when I inserted Native Instruments Sunburst guitar, the resulting midi output from Scaler triggered some unwanted key-switches.

It would be nice if a future feature for Scaler would be the ability to route Zone 1 midi out to a specific channel, and Zone 2 out to a different channel. That would get around the problem I encountered in a).

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Hi @MasterTuner

this is on the roadmap for version 2.2, the ability to separate triggers, chords and articulated notes into separate channels.

We are still discussing the implementation details but definitely something that is going to be supported in a few months.