Is there any way to output 'midi capture' live to an external midi device?

Just started using this plugin and it’s amazing!

I was wondering if there’s any way to just continually output the results of Scaler’s midi capture to a device. I understand I can midi capture and then drag the results to a midi track, but would be interesting to be able to play live with some of the edit modes (like a step sequencer).

If you can send MIDI out from your DAW to your external synth you just have to set it up. You should be able to see it in your MIDI preferences. What DAW and synth/controller do you have?

I have Reaper and Logic and a couple of different synths. Trying to use DAWs for the first time, so not very familiar with either one unfortunately. Would this be something that would be under the Reaper/Logic manuals rather than any tutorial Scaler might have?

Welcome to the forums @TDLN Try this method here for Logic:

Thanks, much appreciated!