Is there no "no3" in Scaler? and a few questions

Question 1: is there no “no3” in Scaler? For example, Cno3, Cno3 is C5? yes or no?

I made a very interesting chord with melody. Here’s a screenshot

It should be Ebmin7 (no5) / Db
But it doesn’t show (no5)
Is it true that no5 will not be displayed when the seventh chord is designed by software?
Triads don’t show No3?

The last question is, can this chord be matched like this?

EZ Keys chord naming convention is unorthodox, I wouldn’t see that as gospel.
A C5 indicates no third, and the Eb min / Bb is correct in scaler as it is telling you that you are using the 5th (Bb) as the bass note, if you turn off slash chords in scaler it may show Eb min.
Hard to tell without seeing the notes you are using.

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