Issue when dragging midi into DAW

Hello all

I have recently bought Scaler 2 and am loving it. Small issue - when I play a Pattern in Section C it plays exactly as expected. However, when I then drag the midi to the same Scaler track within Studio One Pro V4, it sounds different. I can overcome this by right clicking the Play button in Section C to sync it with my DAW - plays perfectly.

I am sure it is something simple - can you help please?

Welcome to Scaler forum. I am just guessing but it sounds like when you play it without syncing the scaler chord trigger notes are not being input into scaler2 and thus the chords are not triggered. Without hearing an example its hard to say. The fact that setting sync works indicates that scaler requires sync to play back properly. In reality you are supposed to use sync anytime you want notes in your daw to trigger scaler.

Thanks for your reply. I will investigate and let you know the outcome.

I have worked this out! What I was failing to do was to bind section C before I hit playback in my DAW - once I bind section C, the midi I have just dragged out to the DAW is performed exactly the same as when I play the pattern in section C within Scaler - unbound, the dragged midi gives markedly different results.

That makes sense and I assumed incorrectly that you had already (bounded) the progression. The bind function sets up the chord trigger keys. Thanks for stating your solution.