Issue with Using Scaler 2 as a Second Instrument

I’m encountering an issue when using Scaler 2 as a second instrument (using two instances of Scaler 2 with two different internal instruments). When dragging chords into Scaler 2, the sound produced in my DAW is corrupted and unclear. I’ve tried dragging the same chords into a different external instrument, and they sound fine. Additionally, sometimes when I drop the chords into the DAW, they do not match the chords I created within Scaler 2.

Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

This happens when you have he notes being input into Scaler triggering all the Bind notes when they are just supposed to be playing back the performance. If you drag and drop the performance from Scaler to play the performance as a sequence turn OFF the Bind notes and PERFORMANCE on that Scaler so you are just playing the instrument only. The MIDI clip will be playing the notes.


You are my hero; the issue has been resolved. Thank you so much!