It is suggested that scale upgrade the sound of guitar

It is suggested that scale upgrade the sound of guitar.
Guitar timbre will give people a lot of chord inspiration.
The advantage of this software is chord, in fact, not too much timbre, piano and guitar on the line
If the guitar can make a better sound, it will be more popular

I think even the authors would concede that the guitar sounds are pretty naff - and to be useful at all, the FX needs to be dropped. I see two challenges in fixing this.

The first is the question “what should a guitar sound like?” ; the answer is that it’s not really definable. Guitar folk spend vast amounts of time with amps, IR thingies and pedals trying to get some sound which is favourable (and potentially unique) for them - and I’ve trashed many hours with my Line 6 Pod XT Pro rack. So whatever Ed and co do, it will be a hostage to fortune, as anything will only suit a minority of the wide range of guitar users.

The second is maybe more relevant, which is to what extent would users like Scaler to be an full blooded synth in its own right, and that is presumably more contentious. Many simply use the instruments provided for auditioning the sequences they have created, using inbuilt sounds as a rough and ready approximation to how it might sound with a patch having some given characteristics. Others might use the Scaler sounds in their end product.

[I fall into the camp of using (say) the string ensemble patch to audition something, but then replace it in Live with the Spitfire BBC orchestra. For guitars, I use the Native Instruments ‘Picked Acoustic’ VST or a patch from my JD800. ]

However, Swingmix does validly raise a key question about directions, (and this will no doubt catalyse a lot of opinions - but feedback is good) and a practical one about the current patches - the reverb soaked 6 string one sounds like nothing I could get out of my Ibanez …

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I agree with @yorkeman. Good guitar sounds are really individual taste and very much tweaked. I don’t think we can expect Scaler to compete with a dedicated guitar instrument an various pedals. For Acoustic it’s hard to beat MusicLab. I only use the Felt piano in Scaler and that’s just to try chords. I always use external instruments for end results.

Thank you for your reply. Actually, I prefer scaler 1.8
Now I use scale 1.8 every day
There are two reasons
First, the interface is big and the font is big
Second: the piano sounds good
Scale 2.3 is better, but I don’t like the sound of the piano, the interface and the font.
I think we can consider the interface and font design of ujam bass. It’s very big and easy to adjust.
And the sound included in scale, I think only need 2, piano and guitar
Guitar doesn’t need to be too complicated, but it’s better than it is now.
The advantage of scale is he