Jazz fusion chord sets

Would love some chord sets in the world of modern artists like Kamaal Williams, Alfa Mist, Charlie Stacey. The Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea inspired guys. Lots of modulations and borrowed chords. Lots of 11th, 9th stuff. Dark moody, minor, clustered.


I would love the necessary tools within Scaler to analyze them properly and change them to my needs.

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There are a few like chord sets scattered around but I like the idea of the Jazz Fusion label. Stay tuned and thanks for feedback.


Made some really interesting complex stuff today with the funk bass performance and melody performance functions. So excited about what you all continue to develop. It definitely is helping me compose more interesting stuff! @davide

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Excellent! Would you care to share? Would love to hear & learn what others are making with Scaler… Thx!

Definitely! Let me button it up a little bit first.

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Here is what I made using some of the bass performances in Scaler!

Would love to dive wayyy deeper into the jazz fusion world and come up with many different progressions and performances like this. I know no theory and only play drums, but I can make stuff like this because of Scaler. Please never go out of business.


@Bernd @davide


Top notch stuff! Well done!

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Thanks! Appreciate it!

Very cool performance, super groovy! Do you use Scaler in the DAW with the guitar/sax backing, and then perform live to it? Or record in multiple passes?
Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

Appreciate it! I program everything with midi and different vets. I dont use Scaler’s instruments. Use Scaler in Ableton Live, and route all my melodic instruments through it, and then record all the drums and percussion live.

Genius in the red top hat :heart::raised_hands::fire: That just sounds lovely indeed. I’d genuinely be fascinated so see what you’ve done there, I can hear some things but of course its impossible to tell.

Would love to know how you did this. The synth solo especially if you don’t play?! :exploding_head:

@davide Haha thank you! I mainly used one of the funk bass performances, in chord mode, and then edited midi after the fact but used that as a huge starting point for the track and the groove.

@sinewaves for the synth solo, I detected the chords I used, chose the closest scale (I think it was d lydian or something) and played with different melody/theme performances until a few moments stuck out, then edited and wrote around that with midi drawing and stuff. I also put the scale into D pentatonic, and wrote with that scale over this progression. A lot of just experimenting with different scales until something feels not weird, and then edit a lot. Sometimes ill even just play a synth performance in a close enough scale, to get some natural instinct performance wise, and then edit midi notes. usually there’s a majority of the notes that work, and in this case of having some modulations that won’t fit into one scale, you just edit until it sounds right.