Just a general note of appreciation

I have been a Scaler customer and participate in the Scaler community for the better part of 2 years. And I have to say, I really really appreciate the Scaler team’s flexibility and dedication to keeping this forum broadly accessible, and letting people post to all kinds of musical discussions, even if not directly related to Scaler. For my own part, I have to say, a huge part of my involvement with Scaler has been this online community. I have learned so much from the discussions about music theory in general and references to other musicians or even composition products. It speaks highly to the Scaler team to facilitate such open minded forum. This has become somewhat of a second home in my online presence.

Luv y’all <3



I totally concur with you @Bernd. I have learned a lot from this forum and enjoy the discussions in the threads.

Using Scaler has helped me develop my music. Long may Scaler and this forum continue


I too concur with the above. What a contrast to many other fora,., The core of contributors are amazingly helpful and friendly.

As to the application, it has taught me a lot about music, and the theory thereof, which interests me. The big difference for me in contrast to other apps in the field is that it allows a deep and efficient connection between the sounds or the scales / chords.

Hats off too, to Melbourne and PIB for their ever helpful responses.

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Here, here.
And thanks for all your contributions to the forum as well Bernd.


Thanks @Bernd The forum is a great place because of contributors like yourself that have largely dictated the environment that we have, as we continue to develop scaler and there are some very big plans in place for that, we will continue to encourage a respectful place were people can openly share their creativity and development.
Scaler was made to help us all make better music and this forum is all about that. Thanks so much to all for helping other users out - I never take for granted the time and patience afforded to all, may it continue and grow the right way for some time! Love from all the team behind Scaler!


Could not agree more Bernd. It’s kinda like the Cheers of online forums. Wander in the door and someone is bound to buy a beer. :slight_smile:


Y’all rock!

One of the luckiest mistakes I ever made in life was deciding in the 8th Grade I didn’t want to take language classes anymore. My public school system allowed an opt-out for the artistically inclined, so I took music theory - which our school system provided for four full years! I’m so blessed that I took this. I’ve never been a great instrumentalist, but that knowledge of music has lived with me for many decades, and helped me understand what an absolute miracle is Scaler 2.

Agreed. Spaces like this one are really important for musickers, as what we do is very human an endeavour. Not only is there a positive effect on goodwill from the team providing (and maintaining) this space, it can lead to quite a few things in #MusicTech more generally.

As someone who’s been conducting informal (and slow) field research on “inclusive learning through music technology”, I find it particularly fitting that some of the discussions in these spaces revolve around diverse approaches to so-called “music theory”. Eventually, we might overcome some deep biases people are holding about “how music works”. Honestly, it’s hard to open our ears to other experiences. Scaler 2 does help, in some ways.