Just Another Philosophical Reasoning

The promise of industrial revolution was leaving humankind free of manual tasks, so having more time to rest, sleep, contemplate, and do all other leisure activities, and we all know what happened instead

Now it’s the time for AI revolution… :thinking:

This raises many philosophical dilemmas, but a triplet jumps out first:

Is the humankind prone to believe in serial liars?

As many have got here e.g. that plugins that do-everything make music production boring and chase creativity away (one reason why Scaler is so loved) the AI is really so enticing?

If the AI promises to make the humankind free of mind tasks, the risk becoming a bunch of idiots falling more and more into dictatorship clutches is increasing at the point far future riots will fight for the Rights to Use Our Own Brains?

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It’s an interesting topic. I’m playing scaler, and I think of AI making music automatically.
However, I deny it, because human nature likes real things.
AI can help, but it won’t completely replace humans.
In addition, there is also a possibility that human itself is a super advanced AI design :ghost: