Just goes to show how confusing this plugin is

By the pages and pages in support here.

I suspect that this is much less the case than you might think at first.

One, because there is a lot of traffic as people exchange ideas for use.

Two, there is discussion on things like music theory, which are Scaler independent. Similarly, there are discussions about relative merits of DAWs’, plugins etc.

… and there is also a lot of chat which has nothing to do with Scaler; i.e. really off topic. But this is a community, in the nice sense of the word, as opposed to the sort of negative trolling you get on some sites.

BTW, I’ve been using it for some years and have yet to experience a software error. Most stuff is related to set up, how to do things differently. The only significant software issues recently have bene with the new mac processors, but Scaler ae not alone in that.

The traffic on Scaler EQ is because it is a beta, and these support pages allows the testers to report back the issues they find wit a new product.

Stick with it, and I think you will warm to it.

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Using Cubase Chord Pads instead.
Scaler’s menus are too confusing.
Especially when trying to play one finger chords and play the melody from that chord with your right hand.
i think I spent an hour trying to find that setting and gave up.

Watch this video =

Or this one

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