Just in case you can't find that 808 you thought you put in storage in 1984.... you have until the 12/31 for a Roland deal

Not a lot of Roland discussion here in the Scalerverse, but just in case you are a fan, or maybe SynthCurious, Roland has a great deal with their Play 4 Life. promo. 1 year membership, keep an instrument or 2 for life. And for what it is worth, their little ZenBeats “DAW” plays very well with Scaler including support for midi effects. A nice sketch pad option for us Studio One users.

Play 4 Life is Back! (rolandcloud.com)

Love all the Roland online stuff, sounds amazing and great value. I sold my 808 for 400 and my Jupiter 8 for 6 to my now studio partner who has it sitting there gleefully at 40 times that value!


(“Scalerverse” - I like that …)
I’ll look at this. I toyed with the idea of selling my physical JD800 and replacing it with the new ZENOLOGY version, but held back. If there is a good deal on that, I might review that decsion.

Uh oh … If nothing else it would have looked nice in the SOS reception.

See above from @TMacD Do I keep my JD800 with tons of buttons and sliders, or swop it for a mouse and a screen version ? I have Arturia’s analog V with Jupiter 8 emulation … it may sound the same, but there is something about the physical presence of a nice synth…


Yep…there is something about the feel that is hard to explain.

I have to admit, if I had the option to have dedicated physical controllers that were replicas of the originals but only drove the respective software versions, I’d be awfully tempted. I’m not a real musician but even I’ve spent hours just exploring the various instrument configurations w/in the V series and wondering what it would be like to try them in person.

Speaking of physical controls, if the Scaler gods are listening, I can’t wait for the day we can map individual Scaler Performance Playback settings to physical controls. Scaler’s ability to swap settings without skipping a beat is fantastic and opens up a world of musical serendipity to those willing to put in even a little bit of practice. Maybe one day we might even see a Scalerboard…which is effectively what my M32 has become. but I digress.

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