Keeping keys/notes in the Scale. No bum notes

Hi guys.

Is it possible to set Scaler up so that it will only play notes from your chosen scale on your keyboard? In other words when you press a key/note that is not from the scale, a bum note, it will not play/voice that note but play/voice a note from the scale instead.

Thank you.

Of course , go to keys lock menu. There are several options to lock to scale or chords. You can have them white keys only (so use C Major scale keys to trigger any scale) and more. Check the manual under Keys Lock or look through some tutorial videos on YouTube. Check this:

That’s great, thank you Davide. Sorry for the late reply. And can i also use Scaler to do this whilst using a different virtual instrument?

Yes, Scaler will apply the MIDI note filter to anything that it passes on to the VST downstream. Routing Scaler MIDI output to another instrument VST is pretty straight forward (depending on the DAW).
See page 5 in Scaler manual, and also pages 42++.
You can get to the manual by clicking on the Scaler logo in the upper left corner in the Scaler plugin…


Thank you Bernd, much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face: