Key detection just keeps going

I’ve noticed that having pressed “Detect Key”, it flips to “Detecting Key …” and stays there indefinitely (without changing it’s mind about the key). Only by pressing “Detecting Key …” again does it revert to “Detect Key”.

Hi @Ricardo2 You must be using an earlier beta. In the final version hitting the ‘Detect Key’ changes to ‘Click to Stop’ as you can see in the early part of this video:

Hi Davide, I’m using the version released 10 days ago - PC 0.6.0-develop-183 and I still have this issue. In the video I can see it going to “Click to Stop”, but in my case it says on “Detecting key …”

Yes you have an earlier beta, there has been some significant improvements in the release version (1.0.0)

Could you send me the link to that? I only have one to the previous version. Thanks.

Hi @Ricardo2 Were you part of the beta testing group? The latest beta was in the main post there and the full release version is at Plugin Boutique:

Yes I was and I’ve now found the link to that group that you sent initially, rather than clicking on the link to the main group in subsequent emails.

Anyway, I went on to install the latest version (from Plugin Boutique) and “Detect Key” is now correctly flipping to “Click to Stop”. Thanks