Key pad edit mode chords come out sounding hammered hard vs soft

I was using the pad editor using 4 chords taken from artists drop down, I found the chords I wanted to use and used the pad editor 0.75 repeat 4 time, I found the keys sound like they are being hammered way to hard and would like a softer touch when it plays the chords. Is there a setting to reduce the pressure the keys are being hit at? I am not using my keyboard but using the artists chords drop down taking chords from one or two of them and pulling them into the pad editor. Thanks.

Hey Rand

I believe the Velocity setting in Chord edit (pane 3) will give you what you want.

Right click on one of your chords and the bottom option is Edit Chord

In the Chord Editor (COF view) you will see a Velocity button and it will let you set the level of each note.
Click and drag w/in a highlighted chord to set the level.


Hope that helps

Hi TmacD, I tried that and it didn’t seem to change it, It seemed to lower the volume but not how hard the keys were being hit. If I change to strumming it doesn’t hit the keys hard but that’s not the sound I am looking for. Must be another setting that will change it from slamming the keys to a lighter touch…

Exactly how are you playing the pads? The pads respond to velocity. Do you have humanize set to velocity?