Keys Lock: Chord Notes Only

Hi all, I am a new user, I’ve spent a lot of time watching videos and I am currently just trying to learn the features.

I have a Scaler with chords being triggered by MIDI notes in my DAW. I want to noodle a melody over the top. But when I select Key Lock Chord Notes Only it yellows (could be green) a bunch of notes and I cannot play them. I can only play very low or very high notes. What am I not understanding?


HI @homemadehitshow Welcome to the forum. The Green Keyswitches allow you to switch between Scale Based mode (doesn’t move with the chords) or Chord Based (which moves with the chords). The melody is played in the section with green tabs to the right of the bind area. There’s a ton of resources online and the manual is pretty good and explaining this too but start here:

And also don’t forget the Official Scaler 2 Course which covers the lot:

Thanks so much for replying.

My issue here is that those green or yellow notes towards the right are not playing anything, all the other keys do play.

I just went through the manual and I don’t see any pictures showing the white keys with the green/yellow bottoms.

This depends on what you are trying to do and understanding the different modes of keys lock for example. If you are using a ‘Chord’ profile you need to trigger a chord so the right notes know what to do. Try watching the video I posted or as I mentioned, check through the manual or even better, enrol in the online course.

There’s a few examples there, search the manual for ‘Keyswitches’ to find them.

Rest assured I have watched EVERY video and none of them clearly address this. In the “creating harmony” one you do show this exact example but in your case the yellow keys are numbered and can be played, in mine they cannot. Pushing the paid course on a message board isn’t the best option. I will try what you mentioned about triggering the chord.

What I am trying to do is learn my options. In this case a free form melody using Chord Notes only (as shown in the screenshot). It’s possible the chord triggering is the missing part but I feel like I tried everything. I understand keyswitches, that is not the issue here.