Keys-Lock sheet music output

I would like to use Keys-Lock more often, but when I read the Score in Logic to be printed out as sheet music, Scaler has not included the flats&sharps. Especially in WhiteKeysOnly I need to see what I played converted into the key I was using in Scaler. Make sense?

Hi @ronieaz

I can’t help you on Logic, but I found on Reaper that this depends on the recording setting.

If I use the default setting the recording is the midi notes is the keys that I strike. So if I am using Scaler with a tune in te scale of A and I strike C then the midi recorded is C.

If I change the setting to record midi out then I get a recording of the midi notes that Scaler is outputting; and striking C gives an output of A, which is what is recorded.

The score view then shows the accidentals.

So I am wondering of there is a similar setting in Logic that enables you to choose what is being recorded, the midi input to or the midi output from the Scaler track?

Hello ed66
Been busy all morning, but I am starting to investigate your solution. I might know something later this afternoon. I am 1:20pm Pacific in Oregon.
Thanks for your input.

You did it. I searched Logic Help for MIDI OUTPUT and here are the instructions to make it happen.
I really appreciate your help. I can print accurate sheet music now. Thanks, ed66.

To record the output of MIDI effect plug-ins, do the following:

  1. Insert the MIDI plug-ins you want to record.
  2. Click the arrows near the right edge of the last MIDI plug-in in the chain that you want to record.
  3. Choose Record MIDI to Track Here from the MIDI plug-ins pop-up menu.
  4. Record your sequence to a MIDI region.

5.Note:* Record MIDI to Track Here will appear as two small yellow triangles in the MIDI Effect slot, directly below the plug-in where it was inserted.

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Nice unless I am misinterpreting you can also just press the MIDI CAPTURE button in scaler and drag and drop straight to the channel when you are finished.

Oh my. You are correct davide. And for my situation, even easier than what ed66 & I had figured out. Man o’man, you Forum guys are a great resource.
Thanks to ed66 and davide

(Now, who would like to tackle my wireless printer woes? Or is there a Canon forum for that!)

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