Kontakt 7 General GUI information

Here is some Kontakt 7 info for those that might need it. Kontakt 7 is the newest version of Native Instruments Kontakt and there are a few very new interface options that are confusing some Scaler users. See if this helps.
The newest and biggest is the large library view accessed by pushing the button on the upper left of the interface. This looks like a stack of books leaning (Library - Get it? :wink:) This is of most use to people using a NI Komplete Kontrol Keyboard. I rarely use this view. However if you have newer libraries that are NKS compatible, when you select a sound on the right after choosing a library it will auto audition saving time when looking for a sound. If you double click on the name it will load and switch to the main view.

MAIN VIEW - Library Pane on the left, instrument view. If you look at the drop down menu on the top the looks like a miniature version you can see some options. One is access to the Quick Load Feature. Quick Load can be loaded by drag and dropping from your library folders things you want to access quickly all the time. Also if the library is NOT a Kontakt Player Library it won’t show up on the Left Pane and this will allow you Quick Access hence the name.

The button on the right of all Nav buttons shrinks the overall interface to just a single instrument. Good for saving screen real-estate. One other thing with this button. If you leave it in this mode and use double click to load an instrument from the Large View, it will only load one instrument at a time meaning you
can load one instrument, play, double click and it will remove that one and load a new one. Handy for auditions without accidentally loading multiple instruments. Questions?


Sorry if I missed another related discussion… but how did you get Kontakt 7 @jamieh ? I don’t see it in my NativeAccess software center. Do you have to purchase it separately from the Komplete Kontrol suite? (I got Ultimate)

It’s a paid update. So $99.

It’s well worth it. The new factory library sounds great.

Thanks! This was very helpful. I’ve just started playing with it and was spending a lot of time banging on the library view trying to get something to load, and occasionally succeeding, but was never sure what I hit to do that. I don’t have a KK keyboard any more so now I know I can ignore that window entirely. I guess I need to take the time to go through the new manual.