Korg nanoKontrol 2: not working in Bitwig Studio, and the USB port issue

Hi there

I bought it hoping to move sliders of my VB3-II, but I found this version is buggy

Using their latest driver doesn’t work, and I had to de-install it and use the stock MS driver instead

Even this way my VB3-II or any other plugin is not recognized YUK

And I cannot even use it to mix in my DAW because the Track buttons don’t work, so I have just 8 tracks available :japanese_goblin:

Last but not least, the Korg support doesn’t help because they say it’s a hardware issue, while it is actually a software bug :poop:

I’ll return the device for sure

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one thing to consider - how many usb midi-controller type devices do you have? i know in the past there was a limit of 10. also check https://youtu.be/zUjVFNzMt_s?si=9POUUqRDc5t6C-e4

I have 2 controllers and both don’t work :japanese_goblin:
I have one keyboard and it works
never had more than 2 so that is not the issue

now, the Korg lemon allowed me to buy Ableton Live 11 Intro for 29 EUR and with it, I can use my AKAI MiDimix at least, and I can also revive another smaller keyboard :smile:

I am tempted to roll-back to Ableton Live, indeed

The main reason I switched to Bitwig was the multi-channel option, but I realized I used it very rarely since then

Bitwig is very stable, but the last version of Live seems more stable… :upside_down_face:

if you’re on a PC, you could install Cakewalk and see if the device handling there is more capable. i’ve seen a few folks using the CW learn functions with the nano but not sure if they were successful or went with the AZ controller.

Wait that I found a trick

To set up your NanoKontrol 2 with Ableton Live, and also Bitwig Studio, follow these instructions.
  1. Press and hold the set marker and stop buttons while connecting the USB cable from your computer.
  2. Open the Preferences window in your DAW, then select Mackie Control for Control Surfaces.
  3. Select nanoKONTROL2 for the MIDI In/Out ports used by Mackie Control.

It seems working for Bitwig Studio as well, but only for mixing 8 track max, and not for moving sliders/buttons in plugins

BTW, in Bitwig, if you start e.g. with 3 tracks, as far as you move the 4th nanoKONTROL2 slider a new track is automatically added

The latter feature doesn’t work in Ableton Live 11

And even with this trick, the Track buttons are useless, and you cannot move sliders, buttons, etc in plugins

So, I think I’ll keep the controller hoping that Korg fixes the issue
In the meanwhile, I’ll complete the roll-back to Ableton Live so I can use my AKAI midiMix together with the wannabe Makie

P.S.: the same trick for Pro Tools

I seem to recall that you have perennial problems with products whose name contains a ‘K’ :slight_smile: Maybe don’t use any NI, Korg or MacKie products …

“I’ll complete the roll-back to Ableton Live”
… bit won’t that introduce the issues you had with Live which triggered the switch to Bitwig ?

Amazingly, after an utterly crap summer in London, this week is a warm as Turin …

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Who knows?
I want to have both options. at the moment
and I want to get what of the 2 has less issues
Actually, each one has issues

But one of the Ableton Live issues has gone, maybe because of my better PC or some improvement on their side

So the only remaining issue of Ableton is the non-implementation of multi-OUT, but as said before I used it a few times for some test, then I abandoned it

LOL, you recalled it perfectly well

Anyway, after a lot of attempts and curses against MIDI controllers :upside_down_face: it seems that I can use all them + a previous mini keyboard, both in Bitwig and Ableton; with some remaining issues, but they work

The only problem is that I still don’t know what of the 2 MIDI controllers is the best to drive my Hammond plugin or the mixer: I need more testing on the 2 DAW to get it

I used nanoKontrol2 for years, until I bought Arturia KeyLab 61 mkII which is excellent keyboard controller and has faders, pads, knobs, too.
In my experience, nanoKontrol2 is an excellent controller, but its functionality depends on its setup.
There is a KORG software that comes with it and you can reassign every control to CC numbers of your choice
Then go to your DAW and find nanoKontrol in the list of MIDI devices. Maybe you’ll need a special driver, as I had to do for Reaper. In my case, it was Mackie Control. Search on nanoKontrol2 or other forums. Then, program every fader, knob etc. to execute what you need. I am pretty sure that you can find something on forums.

I believe it is quite DAW-dependent i.e. how every DAW reacts to controllers.
Reaper was quite difficult with all HW controllers, except my KeyLab which was super easy.
But, nanoKontrol2 worked fine, too.

Not all controllers work fine with every DAW so don’t quit too fast. This is not like Apple world where everything is perfectly integrated…but you pay price for and cannot use any hardware you would like to have. This is more like Windows world where you can use almost any device but you need to search a little bit. And with lower cost.

Exactly this. Reading the instructions is sometimes helpful.

yes, as I said above I found and used that trick

unfortunately, not all buttons work in both Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio where you can use it just as a (poor) mixer, and you CANNOT use it for my Hammond plugin due to the fact they changed the layout from the version 1 YUK!

Moreover, the Korg support is nonexistent or useless, the forum useless, and I found many articles that mention the difficulties to have all MIDI controller working for all DAWs, mainly due to bad drivers, included the latest Win 10 Korg driver

About the Korg editor, it’s considered a bad software, and I agree on that
It is cumbersome to program, just like the AKAI editor, and your customized setup is just memorized in each musical project, so to be remade by scratch when you create a new project

Now, as you all should know, I hate cumbersome tools/features/routines that drive me away from fun :smile:

Nevertheless, sliders and knobs are recognized by Bitwig Studio, so I am using it to mix: Better than nothing

I am not sure if this will help but in Window’s, I had to edit registry so that Korg controller was higher up in the USB list. It was showing down at bottom of list but I moved it up to number 2 or 3 if I remember correctly. Also, I always start up the Korg editor first to make sure that it is active before starting Ableton.

Thanks for information
Actually Ableton Live sees it, not Bitwig Studio
But even in Ableton Live, I can use it as an 8 track mixer because the track switch doesn’t work, so I cannot use it to control my Hammond plugin, that was the reason why I bought it
This is why I say it’s partly a lemon

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Yea, it defiantly has some issues. I have the Korg Studio version and it took me several long hours to get it to work properly. I wanted the longer faders for modulation control. It works fine in Ableton mode (after reg hack) but I use it for a lot of Kontakt (other VST’s) instruments for modulation. I use Mackie control but turn it off if I start having issues and then reselect it in properties. Cakewalk had similar problems. They really need to work on their software because it is a real pain in the ars to get it to work. In this day and age, it should be plug and play but I guess they figure someone else will figure it out instead. Korg needs to work on this a little harder because it gives them a bad name with all of the hate threads on this.

I rather guess they just want you to buy their controllers…
Or the pro controllers that let them gain a greater percentage on every copy sold, maybe :grin:

Anyway, thanks to Ableton that sees all my cheap controllers, I decided to come back to it, but a way to drive my Hammond still lacks, so how doing that?

Moreover, I found that using both controllers together (AKAI Midimix and KORG nanoKontrol 2) is a mess because both act on the same mixer sliders YUK

Now, I read that in the old Ableton releases up to 2017, there was the option to assign one controller to just one track/instrument right-clicking on it, then selecting “Lock To Control Surface” but I cannot find it in my Ableton Live 11

Somebody know if this option still exists?

Well, I found a way to use the nanoKontrol: as a mixer in Ableton Live and it works like a charm now!

But to have it working I had to use the Korg editor to set the 2 banks buttons properly because, quite oddly, their default was not to be the 2 banks buttons :astonished:

And I also found a way to use my MidiMix to drive the sliders in my Hammond plugin, and that plugin ONLY, so now my set to jam with the Hammond is completed :smile:

Here is the mini-tutorial to explain how

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I found an oddity about the nanoKontrol 2: you cannot change the USB input, otherwise it stops working!

In practice, when you install the Korg driver, it stores THAT particular USB input and locks it forever!

So, if you have to change the Input port, you have to repeat the driver installation

But I suspect a further issue: So far, I used maybe 2-3 places (not a problem for any other controller/keyboard I have) and running again the driver installer did nothing… :astonished:

Maybe because the installer did some mess in the Windows registry, who knows?

But the fact is that the nanoK (K, The inx K saga :cold_face: :upside_down_face: :rofl:) doesn’t work anymore YUK!

Luckily enough the MIDI Mix has no problem, and Ableton Live manages it very well (while Bitwig Pro doesn’t)

Do you mean the USB port?

Yes, the USB port of the PC
this port is recognized by the driver installer, and you cannot change it
or better, if you change the USB port you have to run the installer again