Kushview Element Free Plugin Host - Standalone and AU/LV2/VST/VST3


. Runs standalone or as a plugin in your DAW

. Route Audio and MIDI from anywhere to anywhere
. Play virtual instruments and effects live
. Create re-usable instruments and effect graphs
. Preloaded plugin graphs
. External Sync w/ MIDI Clock
. MIDI Controller Mapping
. Sub Graphing – Nest Graphs within each other.
. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
. Placeholder Nodes
. Built In Virtual Keyboard
. Multiple Undo/Redo

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This looks cool. Some folks here are always looking for ways to run Scaler without a DAW. This could prove handy. I’ll be sure and check it out.

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I was actually looking for a way to stop Reaper’s ReaStream plugin crashing Cubase Elements 11 on exit, and for now no more crashes.

I wanted to send Audio to OBS Studio without using voicemeeter. ReaStream was the easiest solution, only the crashes with Cubase Elements was becoming bothersome.

Kushview Element is more useful than I initially thought, when you close your Plugin GUI you can Right Click on the simplified Node icon, and see more options.

I tried in Standalone with Scaler and it works!

There is also a paid version!.. and more Youtube Videos. I checked some support / discussion forums. The developer is still active!

Cantabile is another plugin host with a low price and great support

The problem with these tools is that they are more suitable for band keyboard players to me, i.e. people that use a few plugins, notably effects

If you are a composer, and you use many instrument plugins, notable sample-based, you’ll likely get that the crashes are mostly due to them, not to the DAW

This is at least what I found in my case, with my little RAM, and the reason I am no more using cantabile

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Just to add if you start a session in Standalone Mode. You can save the Session, then open up your Daw, Load up Element, in the right top corner press Settings. Re-Open the Session to continue working in there.