Laggy Performance

Hey guys,

I just tried out Scaler 2, and so far think it’s a really nice plugin. The only thing holding me back from insta purchase is that the interface is super laggy when I’m doing basically anything. I’m on ableton 11.1.5, M1 Macbook Pro running in Rosetta with the latest Mac OS.

Anyone else getting hell laggy performance? I assume it’s not supposed to be like that…


Hi there— This is an issue with the M1 chip. There are a few posts about it here… Scaler 2 very slow in M1 Max Pro + Logic Pro
Are you using the latest 2.6 version of Scaler?

Thanks Jamieh, I’m on 2.5

2.6 is out now if you’d want to try that one. Go to your Plugin Boutique account and log in to your downloads.