Latin names for performance styles confusing

I wish I understood, Italian but could someone translate for this non classically trained guitarist?

Thank you so much in advance.

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Most of the Italian musical terms are commonly used across many styles of music, not just classical, and I would suggest it would be useful to learn some of the basic terms: andante, vivace, etc., as these are used as a shorthand to suggest tempo and/or a style of playing (Espressivo means expressively). I understand that this can be confusing if you are not familiar with a term, but the highest level terms

are in common usage in music.

For me the key point is that although these may guide one to a performance, the guides are not set in stone. Just because a performance is grouped under vivace (in a brisk spirited manner) doesn’t mean it won’t play well at a slower tempo (say 60 bpm which could be an adagio): you just have to try it.

At the more detailed level

I believe that although the developers have given Italian names to some of the performances (In the performances under the Vivace grouping Fortepiano means Loudsoft and is also the name of a type of early piano which evolved into the modern day piano; and Da Capo means “from the beginning” in music) I think these are simply names for performances, and I don’t think a translation would be very meaningful.

In other cases the names are not descriptive: Basic 1, Basic 2…Basic 10.

(NB this is not a criticism of the naming, simply an observation).

So IMHO the best way to interpret the performances is by auditioning them in your composition and which one(s) are appropriate for the composition.

And remember you are not limited to using one performance throughout a pattern. You can use different performances on different blocks through the Playback Performances panel on the EDIT page.

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Thanks Ed for your thoughtful reply. I understand. My thought was simply the devs could maybe have included a tool tip for each one for more guidance. But you are correct, it would be helpful to learn a few of them. I’ll have to Google them when I have time.

You need to not get caught up in the naming of the Expressions. Most companies under similar conditions would just name them Expression 1 Expression 2 etc. As Davide has noted way back at the start of Scaler these names are just more interesting then Pattern 1 etc. They really are not meant to be used as anything other then names you might find interesting to explore. Audition them and have fun. Fun is what it’s all about.

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Hi @jamieh

Thanksfor reminding me about

I don’t think it was aware of it, but…