List of Improvements for Scaler 2

Here’s a few things I’d love to see added or improved in Scaler 2 (and if anything is already implemented or there’s a reasonable workaround, I’d be glad to change/update this list to reflect that.)
I’d also like to make/keep this list ongoing if anyone thinks other things could be added/removed from the list. Let me know in the replies.

  • Dragging and dropping of chords from part B & C to part A.
  • Editing chords in place without having to drag and drop them to another part first.
  • Voicing suggestions to minimize leap when editing chords!
  • More Voicing options in general in the Voicing section.
  • Simple “colorizations” like “add bass/root note one octave lower”.
  • Selectable Range options for Humanize & Velocity randomization.

Also–if someone from Scaler sees this and thinks any of these things are unreasonable or reasonable, please reply and fill us in. Hearing directly from you really helps keep us engaged and active and understand what’s possible and what’s not when it comes to features being requested.

Thanks for making such a great plugin that has helped me simplify my workflow tremendously.
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+1 minimize leap
+1 slash chords

good suggestions

For Scaler 2 editing will always be done in the chord builder in Section C. You can create multiple patterns there and drag and drop or select and move to there.

Chord Editing totally revised in brand new chord edit mode in 2.1 due in a few weeks!

I Like all the voting suggestions 0 stay tuned

Humanisation to be expanded and to include swing etc in (hopefully 2.2)