Live 11.2 has serious bug (for information, as many Live users here)

I just upgraded from LIve 11.1 to 11.2. There was nothing in the release notes to indicate that it was other than a minor point release.

However, the list of VSTs (both 2 and 3) had missing plugins (e.g. Izotope 10 Advanced, DUNE 3 and others). Went though all the normal checks, and verified they were working in another DAW / standalone hosts.

I reported it on the Ableton Board, and there were other users reporting the same issue.

I post this here to alert Ableton users who have not yet upgraded to 11.2.

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And this is on Windows, yes? Haven’t noticed on Mac.

Yes, sorry, Win 10 Pro.

The web site has the usual drivel (“have you checked your VST3’s are in the right location?” - I’m tempted to responded d by saying, “well Live 11.1 seemed to think so 30 minutes ago”, but I restrained myself.

There have been changes to plug-ins (“Added native support for AUv3 plug-ins on macOS 10.15 or higher.” - whatever that means …) .

The thing that mystifies me is that they released a beta some time ago, and obviously did comprehensive testing themselves, so how could they have possibly missed something as immediately evident as this was ? Must be some odd combination of environmental things.

I’ve always run multiple Lives during updates just for that reason. Maybe just go back to 11.1.6 if 11.2 just isn’t right.

Nothing bad happened to me… strange

AUv3 is Audio Units version 3. Audio Units being the native Mac Plugin format. On my system where it lists the plugin folders the AU folder says AUv2 because I don’t think I have any V3 yet although i would have though Kontakt 7 would be V3. I usually use VST3 anyway for most needs if there is one equivalent.

Up until this update I always did the same, and tidied up later. I thought that this was a minor point update, so just overwrote the old one.
I deleted it and re-installed 11.1 and it worked perfectly. As there was nothing of note in there, I’ll skip an update.

they also added some Max4Live plugins with that release
I don’t need them, but maybe others are happy