Live (auto) sync

Currently to synchorise between instances, one has to…

  1. open the settings pane
  2. click the SESSION tab
  3. click the SYNC button in the session tab to open the sync dialog box
  4. select the target settings to sync
  5. press the sync button in the dialog box
  6. dismiss the dialog box (settings panel goes away)

Every time you want to do the sync, you have to go through the above 6 steps

sugestion 1) make the selected sync target setting sticky

suggestion 2) provide a checkbox to enable “live” sync which updates all instances every time something changes in the target settings

suggestion 2a) alternatively, if live update is unworkable, provide a “sync targets” button which updates all instances in one click. The button only appears if multiple instances are open. If not targets are selects, then the target selection dialog box opens (one time).

Hope this helps.

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Welcome @tezza Right or CTRL click on the S (part of the logo top left) and sync from there. You are correct though in that a live locked sync would be fantastic in that every change on one updates the other but then it would confuse another camp of users. We are hoping with what we have planned that SYNC will become redundant. Thanks for feedback.

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Thanks for your reply. Right-clicking works, CTRL-click not so much (2.3.1 vst3).

Great job with this tool, man. V2 is easily the best DAW plugin or music software occurance in 2020. Congratulations on a stellar achievement. I did software development for a while. It’s hard to do right. It’s an amazing art form. Most practitioners are just shit. They do it for a pay cheque. You can tell when someone does it for the art. Well done man.

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I am also struggling with this issue, but am on v2.5. Is there now a better workflow that I am missing?

One further point, When I return to the Sync settings, they are always blank, regardless of which I set. It would be very helpful if they could reflect the current sync state. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be a option to add a checkbox for enabling live sync if desired? So anyone can choose. I also would love to see that feature.