Logic 10.6 and Novation Launchpad mk3 for Scaler?

Couldn´t find any info on workflows or restrictions. The 8*8 layout would make sense for Scaler.
Would be nice if someone could share how Scaler works with the mk3s.

The point of pad view is that is would eventually have custom preset maps for controllers but we haven’t got there yet. On the roadmap!

Novation has a custom app for Launchpads now which seems to offer different layouts that can be tailored to control Scaler maybe. The app seems to offer a scale layout for whte notes only. Which can be assigned to different octaves and different MIDI channels I think. As well as a mode where MIDI notes can be assigned individually.
The white notes only could make it a great controller for Scaler maybe. If it works.

thanks for responding fast

Well if you can map to scalers key switches (the white keys in Pad mode) then you are good to go to switch between chord sets at least