Logic & DAW Sync

Hi Great People

I cant seem to sync Logic Pro 10.6.2 with Scaler 2

  1. I have used Scaler 2 both as a MIDI FX and as AUDIO FX
  2. I can detect chords/midi info into Scaler 2 and do anything to the chords etc
  3. I can drag the chord sequence to a pattern
  4. I turn on DAW sync in the pattern section but it never plays the tempo correctly it simply plays the chords

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Are you Right+Clicking on the Play arrow? It should turn blue with a play Arrow and pause symbol if it’s syncing to DAW.

If it looks like the one below it’s not locked to DAW.
Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 5.38.59 PM

Yes Ive got the blue play/pause button - it plays but not in time - it plays out of sync

Are you using Performance mode? Does the time signature match Logic i.e. 4/4 ? Do you have Quantize on? What else in Logic playing that it is out of time to?

What exactly are you doing? Works totally fine for me and other users on same set up:

Damn!!! I didnt realise you could or had to change the beats. Thanks Davide! Sorted in a minute - when you know how!