Logic imports from a Cubasis midi save bug?

See attached image

The file name Is not what the Cubasis midi saver inputs, it seems?

Is this possible to fix?

Hi @scaler2fan,

There is definitely some room for improvement in the way some of the file systems currently work in Scaler 2 iOS. This is one of the current limitations. We will be looking to address some of these issues in the future as part of an overall user experience overhaul.

That’s awesome
Can we crowdfund a scaler 2 physical piano to sync slash mimic the colour codes for what keys to focus on

I’ll donate 10k aud to such a project
Please ask davide

This would obviate the need for a scaler two iOS app which admittedly is a novelty item I suspect not really a mass appeal market

Whereas the keyboard I’m envisioning could obviously catapult the company into a new income stream and be a bundle package

So the software comes with the piano

What I mean is the scaler 2 piano I am describing could come with a touch screen IN BUILT -

That would be amazing @james