Logic Pro Chord Track and Scaler 2

Wow! That’s fun. I had to add an instrument so I could hear the midi chord before it worked.

For people still fiddling, Record Midi is a new option in Logic. If you click under the Scaler instance, it should appear as the drop down

using scaler with logic new features would be a dream. counting the minutes the video comes out

it works can add chords, please davide see if i can make work also the performances, perform,keys-lock, voice-chords, voice-grouping, humanize, inversions etc

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Has anyone tried the new (somewhat hidden) “Internal MIDi control” in Logic Pro 11.
I did a quick test and it seems to work as a Midi track master track where you do not have to insert Scaler 2 on each instrument track. You can even mute it and the other instruments will play.

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Welcome to the forum @DonRomanchuk Indeed it works really well and a great way to feed multiple scalers and other VSTs. Will be making a video to cover some of this stuff today.


Yes, and if there’s anyway to use the fretboard in Scaler to build chords, instead of the keyboard and then export to Logic… yeah, baby! Or, input on a fretboard in Logic and bring back into Scaler!!! I need fretboard input :smiley:

Yes, you can layer now multiple instruments controlled by one Scaler. And mix multiple Scalers as masters to taste.

And here’s a video. Lots more can be done that I haven’t covered in this video but wanted to make something so people can get moving right away! Hope you enjoy and thanks to all of you for the ‘investigative work!’ Particularly @2KA


It was a pleasure to watch how you enjoyed Scaler. Love your reaction on the last chord after Cmaj/G in the “I want more” section. Thanks for your hard work with Scaler. Can´t wait to see what you will come up with the new possibilities.


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I haven’t gotten around to making music for a long time. However, I have to update to the latest Logic Pro X during the weekend, because it seems that there are some great new things! Apparently, Scaler has also become a new version.