Logic Pro Chord Track and Scaler 2

Might the new chord track features in Logic 11 and 2 provide new possibilities for a plugin like Scaler? It’s unclear yet how accessible they are programmatically, but if they could be read and written to it might open new doors… :thinking:


Yes indeed looking forward to it. They did have a Chord Track in an earlier version which wasn’t implemented well so I am sure they will have done a good job and am also interested in how accessible and programmable the chords are. Also what responds to it. I think it may create some nice opportunities for Scaler to augment that functionality. Very good timing from our end so looking forward to seeing it and maybe having a conversation or two with Apple about it.


Great to get a chord track in Logic and with a bit of luck it might prove very useful for us Scaler users! :grinning:
Can’t wait to install Logic 11 on Monday!!

Thank you SO much for alerting me that there is a new Logic Pro version coming out, I had not heard about it. What time on Monday can I download it, I’ll set my alarm lol

Installed Logic 11 late yesterday evening. The new chord track seems a bit limited and I cannot find an import/export feature. But maybe there are some hidden functions?
Has anybody tested?

I’ve had a quick play and checking around it does seem very limited. Even the chord selection is a bit poor (IMHO) and I expect we will see changes. The midi routing does open possibilities though!

Yes the MIDI routing is very interesting and potentially very useful! Let’s wait and see which plugins that will be updated to take advantage of this!

There are actually some quite interesting and sophisticated chord progressions attached to the new yellow Apple Loops.
Chord track entry is fiddly on iPad, a bit better on Mac.
I find an easier way on iPad is to enter chords into a session player region and then copy to the chord track if required.
The customisation of the session players is surprisingly powerful, IMO.

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Very interested in knowing how to “implement” Scaler with Logic chord track too!

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After some more testing I realize that the chord track in Logic 11 absolutely has potential! Found a bug which was immediately reported to Apple by David Nahmani, the owner of the excellent forum Logic Pro Help!
If you project does not start on bar one (mine started on bar zero) then it is impossible to select a chord to make changes. This will hopefully be fixed soon!
Anyway, it would be fantastic if we could import progressions from Scaler into Logic!


How are you doing this? Can you explain what you are doing? I am preparing to make a video on using Scaler 2 with Logic’s new Chord Track. here’s a couple of hidden workarounds I’ve discovered serendipitously so I am excited to share.

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How? You insert Scaler as a MIDI FX plugin. You click the small arrow and click Record MIDI to track here. Let´s see what Davide comes up with in our journey with Scaler. Great news for the community.


You’re a genius! I’ve been trying to crack that code. I’ll make a video and launch tomorrow but the secret tip is once you’ve done the above step - click the chord track, add a chord, turn ON midi input, trigger a chord in Scaler MIDI FX, press tab for the next chord and repeat!


Hi Davide - what I was saying is that I find trying trying to edit the global chord track fiddly, as by default a new chord is 8 measures long and you then have to go back and forth with the small plus sign next to the global chord track to enter a progression.

As session player regions can also have their own chord progressions, and you can copy progressions from a region to the global track (or vice versa) it is easier to create a session player region, click on the pen tool to edit the region, and then click on the 3-note chord icon at the top of the edit window to enter the region chord edit window.

As I type this I realise that it might be easier if I try to screen record something - if you haven’t figured it out yet. Alternatively, I picked up how to do this by doing the inbuilt tutorial on chords in Logic Pro 2 for iPad.

Let me know whether you want a screen recording.

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Ah yes got that thank you - and see my post below. No need to keep pressing ‘+’, just TAB to create the next chord and SHIFT-TAB to go to previous chord! Also check the post for how to set up Scaler as a MIDI FX to feed Logic’s Chord Tab (or Session Player!)

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Does tab work with the iPad (with Bluetooth keyboard) or is that only for Mac?

Good question, I don’t know but there must be a TAB equivalent key command on the iPad Logic Pro.

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I’m touring at the moment, and don’t have a keyboard for my iPad so will have to find out when I get home.
Works great on the Mac… :+1:

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I’m excited you guys are getting this documented. For the less than regular Logic users (me), could we please clarify location of a few of things mentioned above? I live in Ableton for the last few years, but this particular workflow may bring me back to Logic for compositional purposes. However, at the moment I have no sense of workflow and the differing versions of Scaler in Logic are a little confusing for me.

Firstly, in Logic, the version of Scaler being invoked in Midi FX is “Scaler Control,” correct?

In terms of directions:

  1. click the small arrow (where is this located? I’m not seeing it.)
  2. click Record MIDI to track here (where is “here”?)
  3. click the chord track
  4. add a chord (by clicking the + in the Chord Global track slot, yes?)
  5. Turn on the Midi input (in the Chord Global track pop-up window, yes?)
  6. trigger a chord in Scaler MIDI FX
  7. press tab for the next chord
  8. Repeat

If either of you could provide some clarification (or perhaps the video will make it idiot proof, which I always love:), I’d be grateful.


Ill do a video and post on YouTube tomorrow but yes Scaler Control is the MIDI FX version of Scaler.