Looks like Reason beat you to it. While I suggested this feature many moons ago

Unfortunately, I feel Scaler is going towards a “production” path, instead of a music theory plugin. I had Scaler for some years now, from the year it was released. I use it mainly as a learning / exploration tool. 95% of newly released features have no benefit to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that Scaler exists, and it is a useful tool, but some approaches are just not “user friendly”, to put it mildly.

In the past, I suggested doing a color/shade chord relation maps with suggestions of possible paths. Scaler has “something” like that, but very unintuitive. Ancient Harmony Navigator 2 had that figured out a decade ago, so as several other developers. Unfortunately, Scaler devs do not see it.

Reason beat you guys to it:

Scaler 3?

Fanboys and girls, save the trouble of biting me. I am immune to that, like a honey badger. I do like Scaler and this post is just meant to show a different view… because I care.

P.S. A brilliant free app for your entertainment:

It’s in Spanish, but self explanatory. Open any map, grab any chord and drag to the side. “related” chords will “follow”. Like rubber band.

There are as many opinions as there are users. Personally, I prefer Scaler to Reason’s chord program. I think it’s a bit too limited to a certain format.

not a fanboy of anything, but if you don’t have Reason, you’ll have to buy it + the tool
then you’ll have to put in the garbage bin many old-DAW tools
not so enticing move for any amateur
a professional maybe

considering the Davide’s job, I suspect this was always a “production” tool
nevertheless, it can be used for other things, like jamming
my 2 cents

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Reason can be used as VST. by itself, so “no garbage” as you mentioned.
Chord Sequencer of Reason is NOT as versatile as Scaler in many ways. But they did nailed that particular feature very well. It should have been Scaler first.
In any case, there still is an opportunity to do even better job :slight_smile:

I am just talking about a very specific feature here. I am not comparing the two side by side.