Loop Cloud sounds

Does anyone on this forum use the LoopCloud service? Do you have any experiences? etc.

Hi, I’m subscribed to the Loopcloud service. What do you need to know?

actually a little bit of everything.:grinning:

Can You be more specific?. Básic details of the service can be read at the same web site. I have been a happy user of the most básic plan, the Artist one, for two years. This plan cost 80 US$/year and includes 5 GB of storage and 1200 points and 1GB samples welcome pack. All plans include a great tool for searching samples using AI create patterns with effects includes, and two great vst, a drum machine and a synth. You use your points to Buy new samples from a 4 Million , allways growing samples library. Also works in a very well integranted way with most of the DAW, in my case I use Studio One 6.

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Actually, that commercial already clarified a lot.

I bought the cheapest contract for a month and it has a free trial. The first impression is great! There are practically endless sounds that sound great. In addition, it is really easy to use, because I immediately learned the basics in connection with Logic. I especially like the “Play” section and the “Drum” section. I use Loops less or never before, but I tried them with and I can’t rule out the option of not using them as an addition.

That was my honest opinión. I have no relation at all with loopcloud besides my subscription. If you don’t believe my opinión just try yourself , it’s free, or do your homework and see the many tutorials available on YouTube as I did myself before taking the subscription. Have a nice day.