Loopy Pro live playing patterns workflow / iOS questions

Hi, I’m new to Scaler 2 (iOS) and trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my Loopy Pro workflow. I think I got a pretty good idea of how to setup and program Scaler to get the sounds I want, but I’m struggling a bit in terms of how to incorporate it into a “typical” live looping workflow.

I’ve figured out how to create multiple patterns and have them play one after another (by dragging on multiple patterns in main or pad view), and I also learned how to switch between patterns by clicking the green squares on the right in pad view.

Now, here’s a few of the behaviors / functionality I kind of find odd and I’m hoping it’s just me missing something and one of y’all can steer me in the right direction:

  1. With DAW SYNC ON, while playing, if you tap a pattern in section C, the patterns stop playing and I can’t find a way to restart playing of any patterns unless I stop and restart play Loopy. Only work around I’ve found if I don’t want to stop my other loops, is to turn DAW Sync off, then manually restart playing on Scaler (but now you have to align to the beat “by hand”). What am I missing? Why wouldn’t the default behavior be to continue playing the patterns or switch patterns when you clink on the names? What if I want to click on pattern 2 to just display it to make some changes on the fly to a chord, but I want it to keep playing?
  2. Similar to 1, but on pad view, what’s the logic behind stopping the pattern by clicking on the pattern names?
  3. Also, the behavior of being able to drag to select multiple, but having to click on SHIFT to unselect is kinda odd. Why not do something like long press to select / unselect?
  4. If I’m adjusting “Playback Timings” in the seq view, sometimes the Scaler pattern will get out of sync with the Loppy “master” quantization, and again the only way to re-sync it I’ve found is to stop and restart Loopy.
  5. If I wanted multiples of X pattern to be played, like if trying to create a whole song structure, like let’s say I wanted my song to be pattern A, A, B, C, A, A, B, B… Is my only option to do that inside of Scaler by copying/duplicating individual patterns in the SEQ view?
  6. Is there any internal volume or EQ for the built in sounds? I find some of the sounds to be very quiet and others very loud. Would love to be able to tweak / save internally to my preference.
  7. Any way to select sounds through midi? Like is there a hidden PC or CC system so that I can switch from a specific Bass to a Piano sound for example? I would love to build a short list of my favorite sounds and be able to switch between them without having to browse through the drop down menus.
  8. In pad view, if I duplicate a pattern, it adds a bunch of “Rest” chords to the original and duplicate patterns.
  9. In pad view, it would be great to be able to remove or duplicate multiple patterns at once, but the only Shift action available when multiple patterns are selected is “Unselect All Patterns”.

Thanks in advance for your insights. Scaler seems like a great app so far!

  • Fefo