Lunacy Audio - The Cube

I got tempted by a review of Lunacy Audio’s Cube and bought it, because I thought it would sit well with Scaler chords. Lunacy Audio | CUBE

Sadly, the PluginBoutique download for the product currently doesn’t work properly, so I have not been able to try it, so caution if you decide to go for that. I am, however, expecting them to fix it soon, and may report back then.

I’m a sucker for those sort of sounds .

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Sorry to hear you had a problem, I bought CUBE relatively recently and didn’t have issues. It’s a great product so hope you are up and running soon…

Hope so…

How would you asses it ? For positioning I have Omnisphere, DUNE, Lunaris, Analog V, Pigments, various NI stuff (Massive, Absynth etc) Unify and a few other things.

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I’ve had Cube since they first introduced it. Sadly for me it’s now cheaper then the intro price I paid but I don’t regret it one bit. Cube is awesome with great sounds and super programing. Superb synth.
What problems are you having downloading it?

Since you are totally in control through being able to manipulate between 1 and 8 samples (start/end points, forwards/reverse, sample envelopes, tone etc, plus control the amoount of each sample heard at any given time through a flexible ‘orbit’. the opportunities are endless…

The download is at variance with the installation instructions. The latter states that there is a ZIP file containing two executables and the manual. However, the download consists of just one executable on its own - no ZIP file. The program to install the samples isn’t available.

The installer is also slightly weak in that it installs the program on C: only, whereas I have 95% of my executables on a different partition.

I put a ticket in, and am now waiting for a response.

Thanks for commenting (and to @Simpl3Sim0n) … it sounds like there might be some inspirational material in there.

Maybe you can create an account on lunacy audio and download cube from there with the serial number from plugin boutique?

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Good thinking, Batman ! I hadn’t realised I could register the key issued by PiB on the Lunacy site. I have now registered and downloaded the ZIP file.

Many thanks, Panda.

Hope it works.

Makes sense. I’ve only downloaded from them. I did buy one of the expansions from a sale once and now remember I had to register the key and download from their site.
I recommend the Dust Expansion if it goes on sale again during Black Friday or Christmas. It’s excellent!