M1 with apple loops

Would like to buy scalar for m1 and know if recognizes apple loops audio so that can create melodies once recognizes the chords. Is good integrated with logic? thanks

I bought it the problem is that are loops are aiff while should be wave, do. not want to use audacity maybe threre is a workaround bounce in wav but did not work to me

Hi @giocchiettaraskyna and welcome to the forum. Scaler 2 supports .aiff no problem. Just drag the Apple Loop onto your Logic Audio track and load Scaler 2 Audio on to the audio track and select Audio and detect. See attached. As a new user we strongly recommend checkin through the manual, watching all the online tutorials or best yet competing the Official Scaler 2 Course. Hope that all helps and hope you enjoy your time with Scaler 2.

I have been a bit lazy, you replied me also on youtube. I am really happy, I work really hard and need to relax on the evenings I will get my time to slowly increase theory knowledge of harmony but in the meantime i will have a LOT of fun with scaler 2, this is just fantastic, can do almost cinematic music with not too advanced theory, can use samples and find chords and melody on top in a breeze. Thank you

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