Main Screen - Variations suggestion

Hi all,

I notice when you bind chords to the keyboard - in variations, the keyboard plays back all te variations of the chord root that you set (Tonic D, Supertonic Eb, etc). There is a spare octave on the left that is unused and just plays normal notes.

Would it be possible to have this ‘spare’ octave to set the root note. So if it’s set on (say) Tonic D, and you click the E in the spare octave, it would then move to Supertonic Eb and then all the other notes you play on the rest of the keyboard will become variations of E, etc etc.

Hopefully I explained that ok!

I recently used an Oxi One - a grid based sequencer (which I returned) - but it had one feature that I really liked. You could set it to chord mode and play the usual chords just by pressing a button on the grid - but the 4 columns of buttons on the right controlled voicings/inversions, and variations. So it was really nice to change chords and build up a chord progression with one finger creating the chords and another finger cycling through variations and voicings. If Scaler could use a keyboard to do something similar (set and chords AND variations/voicings) on the same keyboard with 2 fingers, it would make creating chords progressions really nice,

Hi @Banquet Welcome to the forum and good feedback. I like the idea but Scaler 2.9 is feature locked right now and we are moving forward with next major iteration of Scaler 2 in which what you want will be much easier to achieve!

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Hi Davide, Thanks for replying and considering my idea. It was using the Oxi One that made me think what a creative and inspiring process finding a chord progression can be when you have access to all the various parameters to hand and the workflow is good. Scaler 2 mostly knocks it out the park and a few additional options here and there would make it even better.