Make chords adapt to new scales

Hey guys, not sure if this is possible, so I’d like to know if it is or suggest it as a new feature if it isn’t. I’d like the option to have chord sets adapt automatically to scale changes. An example would be having a Dmin in C turn into DMaj when changin the key to G. Right now, when I change the global scale, all the chords that don’t fit the new scale go grey, and it would be great to have a switch to make them fit automatically. Thanks.

Except you may not want them to change automatically, I certainly would not want this in my compositions. I am not clear why you would want this to happen automatically.

I think what you may be suggesting is that having created a pattern in a key (C maj) you want to transpose it to another key G maj), is that correct?

Hi @carlosbtlr I get what you are saying, there are a few ways you can get there yourself but having it happen automatically would probably not be the common case scenario. There are some force into scale options in section A that can do something similar with the chord sets and there are always suggestions in Chord mode or right clicking the chord for some options. I personally like to swap scales and delve into voicings to find nice alternatives. Hope that helps.

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