Making dragging more convenient

When dragging the performance MIDI clip into DAWs, can the melody part & the chords part be separated into two tracks? This will make it more convenient for recomposing & rearrangement.

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Hey James;

I for one am always interested in how they might enhance the midi drag/capture functionality.

Just to be clear however, are you talking about when you do a Scaler midi capture of your performance on the keyboard while Scaler is playing it’s chords or are you talking about when you drag the performance MIDI that gets attached to chords when you have PERFORM mode turned on? Two very real scenario’s but with two different sets of options.

I suspect it is probably the former, but since the term performance is a bit ambiguous in this context, I thought there might be value in clarifying. Thx

This can also be operated by itself.
I think the most important thing now is to add more styles
Let’s make music faster
Saving time is the core value of scaler
I remember using a software called guide Pro a long time ago
That software was very simple at that time, but it gave me a lot of inspiration

It would be perfect if both options are available in the future update. The PERFORMANCE or PHRASES or whichever mode sometimes generate very good inspirational MIDI clips, but the problem is that the melody is always mixed with the accompanying chords. Perfect if they could be DRAGGED AS two separate tracks/regions into the DAWs.

It seems like you are talking about Scaler’s built in performance midi, so there might be an option for you.

Have you played around with Melody Style in settings? It will allow you to isolate what performance midi is attached to the current chords allowing you to then drag and drop the midi type (Chord, Melody & Chord + Melody) to a track. It is not exactly what you described, but it does make it very easy to isolate what midi Scaler is generating and then drag to a track/section.

Remember, as soon as you turn on Perform Mode in scaler, any related performance midi is instantly attached to the chord. Besides instant drag and drop of performance midi, this also allows you to change perform modes in real time as Scaler is playing and capture those changes using midi capture. With some creative pattern design and some good timing of a mouse or keyboard, you can generate some pretty interesting sequences to compliment a keyboard performance.

To illustrate (if not for you, maybe someone else):
Below are all the same 4 chord progressions taken from Scaker’s Classical 7 chord set and drug from Scaler to a DAW with different settings turned on and off.

MIDI 1. Only the 4 Chords drug from Scaler (F maj, F maj / A, F maj / C, G min / D)
MIDI 2. Same Chords now with Perform mode set to MELODY (A) and MELODY selected in Settings (B)
MIDI 3. Same Chords with Perform mode set to MELODY and CHORD + MELODY selected in Settings (B)
MIDI 4. Same as above but with me playing a simple topline melody
MIDI 5. Same as 1 but with me playing a simple topline melody

You will find Melody Style in Settings (B) only when Melody or Phrases are active in Perform Mode (A)

Good luck


Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation. This really makes my day. :smile:

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Actually, I always have a question about melody.
What’s the difference between “all” and “1,2,3,4”?