Making music with scaler. How to use it properly


I have a problem whan I’m using scaler most of what i make when using scaler doesn’t sound good or I’m most likely using it wrong. I’m working on another track and what I’m focusing on this time is making sure frequencies doesn’t clash however when you go through my presets in a sympathiser a lot of them sound great that’s C3 and if i record everything at c3 I’ll run into problems
Is there a way to send audio sample of what I’ve made so far.
Thanks any help would be appreciate

There are many places on the internet to post audio examples and link to you posts. Google Drive, Dropbox, Soundcloud. There is a new free one called that comes with free Native Instrument plugins to help in your musical journey.

Here is a Scaler video for starting a song - Scaler 2 | Starting a Song | Chords, Bass Line, Melody & More - YouTube

In depth overview - Scaler 2 Plugin Tutorial & In Depth Overview - YouTube

Writing an entire track - Scaler 2 Workflow | Writing an Entire Track - YouTube

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Have a look at some of Josh Wright’s videos on scales on the piano. I’ll link to one and you can look for more from there. As far as thumb under goes, I wouldn’t obsess too much about it. If you keep your hand and wrist relaxed, as you increase the speed of your scales you’ll reach a point where the thumb is no longer going under very much just because the rest of the hand is moving up the scale steadily and quickly. There are all sorts of little motions involved, a little lateral bend in the wrist, a small amount of forearm rotation, but it’s hard to describe them in a way that doesn’t allow for misunderstanding or doing too much or too little of one of them. So I’d say watch some of the scale videos by Josh Wright (Graham Fitch is pretty good, too) and be patient with yourself.

I have started with an 8 bar loop I’m recording it in audio because i don’t like working with midi i recorded the first for bar the second one i tried to do a variation however im thinking of changing the chords it’s a bit too slow and finding the right octave as well for each sound I’ve all so tried the grouping as well in other projects but it can sometimes make things clash depending on the settings.

Thanks The link u sent is not working

Hi @sheriffvlogs , from your sample track it sounds to me that one of your synth presets might be deliberately out of tune. As someone who has a vast library of over 30,000 presets, I am well aware that some sound design is intentionally making a synth sound out of tune for matters of flair. How about you try different presets and see if the problem persists?

I had a mess around with the detune vibrato and glide
While recording it

Right on, if it’s intended for effect then cool. But obviously then questioning why Scaler is not sounding right… Scaler just sending MIDI into your synths. If the synths are out of tune, you better like that vibe :wink: I know the analog fans are big on that subtle out of tune effect with older gear or tape machines.

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I liked the detune sound however if i keep listening to it
I might get bored of it or think it doesn’t sound professional. Is there anything else i show replace
The chords seem to be a bit slow it’s set to 4 bar anything long would be more slower.

Well, I don’t know how to help you then. “Not sound good” is subjective. You’ll just have to tinker around with it for a while until you find that sound you like. I think that’s just normal in any music production process. Don’t think Scaler has anything to do with it…

BTW, if you like detuned sounds, check out this Scaler built-in sound…

Is there anything i should work on or anything i should add that is missing I’ve decided to just keep as a edm house track doesn’t sound like one but i want to finish for the project I’m working on