Maschine 2.4 not recognizing Scaler 2

Maschine 2.4 not recognizing Scaler 2
According to the Spec, this should work, unless I read it wrong. I tried it on my laptop which is newer so it has a newer version of Maschine, and that worked, but its not my music production computer. its for teaching class. I use my iMac which is the one its not working on. please help. Im really not trying to jump back and forth from imac to macbookpro.

Thank you in advance

Hi @FroStyles

are the computers on the same MacOS version ?
It also could be the VST lookup folder in Maschine that is configured differently.

Hi @Ed1

The iMac is running 10.8.5 and the laptop is running 10.13.6 :grin:

and I’m not really understanding the second thing you said.

Working fine with Maschine. Please update your Maschine to latest version of 2.10.1
Also open Maschine standalone and go to Preferences/Plugins and check the Manager and Locations tab to ensure your VST folders are correct, finally go back to ‘Manager’ tab and select Use Audio Units and rescan if necessary. See attached:

Those are the steps I have been taking. and I can’t upgrade due to my Mac OSX. So I am guessing there is no hope for me on this one? :slightly_frowning_face:

It should work. Hard to tell without having your exact setup to test. My guess would be reinstall and reboot and then rescan in standalone Maschine before you open it inside a DAW should work, maybe as we are refining and updating a future revision will work? Shame we can’t further I’m sorry.

I have last Catalina update, running Maschine 2 (last update ) software and no problems here…

I had some ''fan issues ‘’ when it come out the first week, but after the update things got normal. (I think is related to graphic issues )

If u have skipe or team viewer I can take a look for ya … just send me a pm