Matching songs, artists to performance choice

I have been using Scaler 2 to experiment with chords and progressions in various genres with reasonable success, trying different performance, melody,etc. with song types, artists, everything that scaler offers in its huge field of options. I realise that us, the user, are Musos and Scaler is a tool to help “create music” and it is very useful in doing that. With the huge variety of vst instruments that can be used in combination with Scaler, the sky is the limit.
Scaler lists many composers and songs to help.
Trouble I find is spending sometimes frustrating time finding a matching type of performance, melody, strum, etc that the particular song or artist is known for. As well as instruments best suited. To be honest, I aren’t familiar with a number of the artists so am somewhat losing their creative talents by not being true to their style.
My query then is, is there a place for some guidance to what that artist or song would work well with, so our created piece has a similarity to who or what we choose to work with. And also.orchestral? Pop? Violins? Synth?
Or is that just being uncreative.
My thoughts. Cheers.

Hi, I agree it can be somewhat of a mismatch with having many great artists contribute - some parts intended to go with others, some not. At this stage it’s getting to know it all and experimenting until you find something that works.
Having said all of that, toward the end of the year you will see something from us that makes much more sense with categorisation and examples of what works with what.

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Thanks for your comment Davide. I thrive on experimentation and have many happy endings with doing so. However ,I look forward to seeing what you mentioned as an additional feature that will give some better insights to what Scaler can help us achieve and stay true to the artist/song should we choose to.