Melodies from Performances with Mono Synth

This may have been mentioned in other posts but I can’t recall a specific one.

Scaler playing a Performance feeds into a Mono voice synth.

Since the Mono instrument plays one voice most of the notes in the Performance are ignored, but little melodic motives appear. I hit on this with the obvious “accident” of switching to a mono synth while a Performance was playing.

By muting, unmuting and changing the pitches of a MIDI track, originally recorded from a Performance, it is possible to change which melodic motive “leaks” through. However, said “melodies” are somewhat random and depend on the note-stealing set-up used, etc.

Admittedly this is a hit and miss way to create music, but I’ve found a few interesting sounds doing this and so thought it was worth a post.


Hi @1stInversion
Not a bad way to generate some random inspiration I think. It’s great to hear the different ways that people use Scaler out side of the box. Thanks for sharing.


Interesting find. I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for sharing.

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